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Do you love it?

Ah! Simple Life marathon!
I live for trash-tv. Even if Manhattan is right across the river.

CM, no whip.

Today. Is. Muggy. Hot. Muggy-hot. Blech.
I am so looking forward to my first NY summer. 0_o

Bravo=love. Chris and I watched Shear Genius for, oh, about 3 hours today waiting for Kathy Griffin's stand-up to come on. Wow.

On to the important stuff: JKras is definitely on the cover of Mean magazine's June issue.

This, coupled (tripled?) with the new NYLON and Rufus Wainwright's Paper cover-story meant--ofcourse--a trip to Greenwich Village for the three mags. And maybe a trip to my new favorite Village-cafe (Market Place Cafe) for a create your own salad. :\

So I went, BY MYSELF--because my roommate is lazy--and ended up giving the people on the F train a show because my dress may-ve been a little short for leg-crossing.

Turns out the only one that's out right now is Paper. So I decided to hold off until I can get all three. Next week or something. I ended up just having my salad. (Amazing by the way, for only $7.) Then going to starbucks for a coffee, which was BURNT. Yuck. I through it away before the train got to the station. (That sounds like a metaphor. It's not.) I got to sit by a pretty boy for the 30 minute trip back to Kensington, reading my book ("Girl With The Curious Hair" by DFW).

When I got home I watched Apollo 13 and drank wine. What a night.

Oh, P.S. a few blocks down we found a chinese restaurant and BAR. Mai Tai's and sesame chicken are in my future.

Thrift stores in Washington Square. Lunch at health food place. Park. Dog/people watching. Strand. Dessert at cafe. Grey Gardens at midnight.
Lunch at S'mac. Deuce. Asshole security guard. First visitors to apt.
Strand. Lunch w/ CW & Shannan at Philip Marie. Magnolia Bakery.
Target. Met up with USAO kids for lunch at Lindy's in Times Square. Mr. Brooks screening. Starbucks. Kevin Spacey. Edison bar with USAO kids. McDonalds.
Return movies. Lots of walking.
Washington Square Park.
Talk to Blakely for hours.
Dinner with Chris at Italian cafe.
Chris came home.
Spotted Pig/Collins Bar.

May. 19th, 2007

Shopping. Strand. Big D. Urban Outfitters.
Subway Adventures. (N Train.)
Tired feet. Good day.

May. 18th, 2007

Bored. Sad. Lonely.
Walked 20 blocks to rent movies from Red Box.
(Caffeine, 50 Pills, Because I Said So)


I am so disgustingly depressed right now.
I want to go out to dinner our for drinks but I have NO FRIENDS.
I've been sitting here in my apartment all day by myself. I don't even want to eat. I fianlly made myself shower.

I live in fucking New York City for chrissake. Who am I?

I'm making myself get dressed and go in to Manhattan tomorrow. Maybe to the Perch tomorrow night.

But for now I'm going to get in bed and maybe cry or something equally pathetic.

The Color Purple is on and I just want to watch it with Olivia.

Someone should certainly fly here and kick my ass pronto.


So the whole getting in bed and feeling sorry for myself thing didn't work out. I made myself go out an rent a movie. I wanted to see Wolf Creek after watching a Horror Flick special on Bravo last night and seeing that Jenna and James both recommend it. But, the video store across the street requires you to have a utility bill for sign-up.

So. Instead of getting bummed-out I looked up the closest red box and walked 20 blocks to rent 3 movies for 3 bucks. (Not Wolf Creek, but Because I Said So, Fifty Pills, and Caffeine.) There happened to be a Burger King nearby, so now I'll be watching movies and eating junk food tonight.

Better than what I had planned earlier.